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For the use of mortgage intermediaries & other professionals only


To use our online banking service, you need to have cookies enabled on your computer. Cookies are small pieces of information which are placed onto your computer's hard disk by a website you have visited. They can be accessed at a later date by the same website, to retrieve details you may have supplied to that site.

For example, a weather site may ask you to specify where you live. It would then store this information in a cookie, so that when you return to the site it knows which forecast to show you.

Our Internet Savings and One Minute Mortgage service uses cookies to:

  • Keep your online transactions secure, by storing your sign in details temporarily (this type of cookie is automatically deleted when you sign out)
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Our BM Solutions site uses cookies to:

  • Track or personalise your visit to our site,
  • Inform us which of our adverts you have responded to, or which website you came to us from,
  • Let us know how far through an application you go*.

*We don't record your name, account number or address details when we're gathering this information.

For the use of mortgage intermediaries & other professionals only

If you do not have professional experience, you should not rely on the information contained on this site. If you are a professional and you reproduce any part of the information contained on this site, to be used with or to advise private clients, you must ensure it conforms to the Financial Conduct Authority's advising and selling rules. These pages are for the use of those people who are resident and ordinarily resident in the UK and should not be regarded as an offer or invitation to sell Mortgage products in any jurisdiction other than the UK.

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